Light from dark: In conversation with the works of Alma Vorster is both a retrospective exhibition and contemporary art conversation with the historic print works of Cape Town artist, Alma Vorster. The exhibition showcases etchings, linocuts and collagraphs from 1985 to 1998 when Vorster completed her Master of Fine Art with distinction at UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art. In ‘conversation’ with these are the contemporary print works of six of the #druk_besig printmaking collaborative’s artists: Johann Booyens, Laurel Holmes, Noeleen Kleve, Janet Mbirimi, Natasha Norman and Yolanda Warnich.

The exhibition affords a rare opportunity to invest in these works of Alma Vorster that have been largely hidden from the art market until now. The portfolio on view is part of a body of work that is technically remarkable, where Alma’s draughtsmanship and the influence of her hand in the prints is extraordinary. She says of etching , ‘I fell in love. I met my soulmate. The very first encounter with the alchemy of etching embraced and merged with me and has never let me go.’ Alma’s intricate balance of tone, texture and socially conscious subject matter incorporates the mythologies, rituals and symbolic language of shamanism, resulting in works that are complex in both subject and technique. These will be showcased in this exhibition.

The work of the six #druk_besig artists included in the exhibition is characterised by a working in monotype printmaking. Their contemporary printworks follow similar themes to that of Alma Vorster’s works. These include the mysteries and mythology of nature, the personal sense of place within the natural world, where light and shadow inform subject matter, concerns with contemporary consumerism and the stewardship (or lack thereof) of the environment.

Over the past few decades there has been a growth in the demand for contemporary African art around the world, and on a smaller scale, this is reflected in South African collections. For those interested in investing in established and emerging artists’ work, this exhibition will be worthy of a visit.

The exhibition will be opened by Fritha Langerman, Associate Professor of the Michaelis School of Fine Arts on Wednesday 11 March at 6pm at 6 Spin Street Gallery.

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