Natasha Norman Visual Artist

Land&Sea at ArtonAvenues

I’m delighted to be featured on this exhibition at Art On Avenues in Somerset West with an amazing group of artists.


Art On Avenues is delighted to showcase this exciting new group exhibition titled ‘Land & Sea’. Join us for the opening Thursday 7th of November 2019 at 18h30. Refreshments will be served.

Featuring these amazing artists:
Adele Potgieter
Alexia Vogel
Alison Jean Shaw
Jessica Storm Kapp
Jo Voysey
Johann Booyens
Laurel Holmes
Laurinda Belcher
Natasha Norman
Nicolene Burger
Rentia Retief
Sarah Grace
Swain Hoogervorst
Vanessa Cowling
Yolanda Warnich

‘Land & Sea’
We are all interconnected with the land and the sea, spiritually, physically, socially and culturally. As inhabitants of this planet we not only draw energy from our surroundings, but we also draw inspiration from it. Our precious Earth is borrowed to us and it is our duty to preserve and look after it, just as it looks after us. Let us appreciate and celebrate our surroundings, our beautiful landscapes and our precious oceans.

For more information regarding the exhibition or if you would like to receive a catalogue, contact the gallery or call 084 042 9229
Instagram @artonavenues

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