Time has finally caught up with me as I write this last blog post about the MI-Lab residency in real time. It has been a gentle day of packing and gathering together for departure tomorrow. Various members are peeling away in taxis as their flights demand.

Charles and I had a final walk to the Forest Mall with a sparkling Fuji as our guide. We indulged in a doughnut seated on the DIY display outdoor furniture admiring the Fuji view.

The whole valley has been bathed in magical light today and I caught the last of it on my last run around the lake as the dust turned the valley pink and then blue. I followed the local Fish Eagle for a while and saw a Grey Headed Heron. Before heading home, I rang the memorial bell twice for a wish and listened to it echo my hopes across the silvery water.

What a magical moment this has been.

Residency portrait

Thank you to Hayato Fujioka for his photographic skills.