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Ocean greeting

It was the superstitious link to a Patagonia surf sticker (given to me by Paul Edmunds upon his return from Japan) that got me to this very experience. So it felt like good research to explore some of the surf culture in Shonan Bay. And it’s amazing how similar a particular sub-culture can be the world over.

Kugenuma Kaigan beach has large open spaces, which I presume are built to accommodate crowds in Summer, and ample Tsunami warning signage. It also boasts a peculiar black volcanic sand. Most surfers cycle across the broad concrete walkways with their boards housed in a special carrier fixed to the bike’s frame. Despite the howling onshore wind there were a number of people in the water so I hazarded a rental and caught a few rides. Hello ocean! I have missed you!

  • Shonan Kaigan
    Shonan Kaigan
  • surfer girl
    surfer girl
  • Kuganuma beach front
    Kuganuma beach front
  • Volley ball and surfers
    Volley ball and surfers
  • Kuganuma Kaigan
    Kuganuma Kaigan
  • Bicycle on beach
    Bicycle on beach
  • Tree in carpark
    Tree in carpark
  • Surf and Sun
    Surf and Sun
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