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Mos Burger


The warm weather has lingered. Hurrah! This afternoon I enjoyed short sleeves and an open window as the last of the day’s light filtered into the studio. I am carving a new block for class tomorrow.

It is Saturday night so Charles, Carol and I ventured to the Dream Café. The charming hostess spoke very little English and the menu was a bit beyond our skills to decipher so we finished our beers and headed to Mos Burger for a fast food experience. It was fast food, but not like anything I’ve experienced before. For a start the place was very clean and a gentle jazz pervaded the eating area that was styled in a slick Cape Town, hipster-type of laser cut plywood to suggest a forest. The fare was better than a MacDonalds but rather small in size – more like a streetwise burger.

Before the walk home I ventured to the loo and felt as though I’d eaten some cake from Alice in Wonderland. Everything was just a little too small. The space in front of the toilet bowl in which one has to lean down to raise trousers had shrunk such that I found myself face-in-the-door. I could barely fit my hands into the washbasin which was somewhere around my knees. To my complete surprise I found a fold down baby chair between the toilet and the basin so it was clearly designed to accommodate a mother and child.

I am prone to forgetting my height here but every now and then I get a startling reminder. I often feel the top hairs on my head brush a door lintel and consistently have a clear view of the driver over the heads of other passengers no matter how far back in the bus I sit.

Evening walk
Evening walk

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