Natasha Norman Visual Artist

Park Girl Fashion

“We offer the highest cute fashion
To you who are wonderful
At a yasukawa value price
It is POP and ARK that designed

Today I did some retail therapy after a day in studio. It was pouring with rain but I needed groceries so I decided that if I had to brave the rain I may as well go to the Forest Mall and peruse the DIY, Daiku and Fashion One stores too. Both shopping options are about a 20min walk from the residency.

The DIY store is a treasure trove. Placed somewhere between a Timbercity and Builder’s Warehouse it is a warehouse sized shop full of the best stuff from Linden plywood to brush pens and Sumi ink as well as house fittings, suitcases, camping equipment and dog tents (no jokes!).

Armed with some Japanese stationary I ventured into the Fashion One store and, after carefully placing my wet umbrella in a long thin plastic bag provided at the entrance, I found a ridiculous English slogan T-shirt: “I am pleased with this. It is so Humble though. Searching for a Dream.” I couldn’t resist! The bazaar Park Girl label was an added bonus.

I was frustrated to find that the Forest Mall Value Mart doesn’t stock my favourite rice crackers. With an entire aisle to choose from, it seems ridiculous that they were out of stock. Oh well. I did score on some excellent sushi at 30% off. After 5pm items whose sell-by date is that day, get radically reduced. The store stays open to 11pm so late shoppers can get some amazing bargains.

There were a lot of jingles, little sound boxes and small TVs trying to sell meat, juice and rice. It made a strange frenetic pitch to an otherwise completely noiseless group of shoppers.

The Kirin beer was a bit heavy in my backpack on the walk home but proved to be a welcome refresher to recover from the rain.

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