• Thumbnail for Sudden Landscapes: oil-based monoprints 2017

    Sudden Landscapes: oil-based monoprints 2017

    A new series of large-scale monoprints grappling with the viscosity of oil based inks and paints. Printed by the artist in Muizenberg Studio.

  • Thumbnail for Watercolour Mono-prints

    Watercolour Mono-prints

    Inspired by my residency at Artist Proof Studios last year I have been developing a new body of works using the Watercolour Monotype process. Repeated printing - involving a careful process of registration - enables me to evolve a delicately painted layering of accumulative marks in works that reflect upon change.

  • Thumbnail for Watercolour Paintings

    Watercolour Paintings

    Small, affordable watercolour works done in studio down time.

  • Thumbnail for Mokuhanga South Africa

    Mokuhanga South Africa

    After an amazing residency in Japan, these are water colour woodblock prints I’ve been making in my studio in Cape Town using the Mokuhanga technique.
    Follow the link for the Printing Process.

  • Thumbnail for Oil based mono-prints 2011-2015

    Oil based mono-prints 2011-2015

    Mostly large-scale works made by running a flat surface painted with lithographic ink through an etching press. All works are once-off images owing to the nature of the print technique.

  • Thumbnail for Artist Proof Monotypes

    Artist Proof Monotypes

    A collaboration with printmaster, Sara Verity, at Artist Proof Studios, Johanneburg. My first introduction to Watercolour monotypes and an experimental lino cut inspired by aerial views of Southern African landscapes I’ve visited.

  • Thumbnail for Gyotaku (Fish printing)

    Gyotaku (Fish printing)

    A traditional Japanese printing technique dating from the 1800s where ink is applied directly to a fish.

  • Thumbnail for Mokuhanga Prints (MI-Lab)

    Mokuhanga Prints (MI-Lab)

    A selection of experimental prints made on a one month residency in Japan (May 2014). My first introduction to Mokuhanga printing.

  • Thumbnail for Wake (work in progress)

    Wake (work in progress)

    Wake’ is a work in progress that emerged from a fascination with the carved wooden matrix of the woodblock. The work seeks to emulate an existing wooden floor that is carved to evoke the gentle wake of an ocean wave at the point at which it begins to retreat back down the sandy shore - a moment that has for me always resonated with a living being, breathing.

    A maquette of the work was first exhibited at Commune 1 Gallery’s group show ‘Salvo’ in Cape Town 2012.

  • Thumbnail for Lost Posters (work in progress)

    Lost Posters (work in progress)

    This print series is an ongoing project since March 2012. The prints are editioned only by the date of their printing and are freely distributed on public walls, in friends’ homes and exhibition sites that hold some significance to me. It attempts to define a new engagement with an audience, often unsuspecting, and has proven to be both a challenging and rewarding experience for both me and the viewers I have spoken to. Born of a desire to transgress an often alienating street environment, this project seeks both to travel and to forge a different connection with the often transitory viewers and inhabitants of urban spaces.

  • Thumbnail for The Breath and the Bell

    The Breath and the Bell

    Print Series
    A combination relief and intaglio print series
    incorporating an etched linocut technique.
    Experimental prints exhibited on ‘Salvo’ at Commune 1 Gallery.

  • Thumbnail for Halcyon


    A single channel video work filmed at the Cape Town Aquarium.
    Exhibited with MFA work at Commune 1 Gallery, Cape Town.

    Link to video clip

  • Thumbnail for Lacan's Mirror

    Lacan's Mirror


    A three-tone lithographic print installation with sound component.
    Submitted as part of MFA exhibition, re-installed at Commune 1 Gallery
    and Michaelis Galleries Masters Grad Show.

    Audio Component - Cicadas
    Lacan’s Mirror at Michaelis Galleries - installation views

  • Thumbnail for Further Fictions in Print

    Further Fictions in Print


    Large scale relief and monotype print works
    submitted in partial fulfillment of an MFA awarded in June 2011.

    Graduate Show Catalogue text
    MFA Dissertation
    Further Fictions at Commune 1 Gallery - installation views

  • Thumbnail for Tretchikoff and Me

    Tretchikoff and Me

    June to August 2010

    A project curated by Andrew Lamprecht at Salon 91 Gallery (Cape Town)
    in conjunction with the Tretchikoff Foundation. See Press
    Participating artists: Wayne Barker, Barend de Wet, Lyndi Sales, Niklas Zimmer, Andrew Sutherland, Natasha Norman, David Scadden, Ndikhumbule Ngqinambi, William Martin, Daniel Ting Chong, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, Ed Young, Jane Eppel and Nic Bladen.

    Proposal and description of the print process

  • Thumbnail for Lip Synching

    Lip Synching

    Work made for a group show ‘Contusion’ held at the Irma Stern Museum.
    Participating Artists: Suzanne Duncan, Dale Washkansky, Natasha Norman

    Contusion Press Release
    Catalogue essay by Bettina Malcomess
    Contusion Catalogue
    ‘Teach Your Children’ sound component

  • Thumbnail for Allure


    A photographic series reflecting on Renaissance allegories in painting.
    Produced in studio with a volunteer crew. Models sourced from among
    my friends in Cape Town.

  • Thumbnail for The Look of Love

    The Look of Love


    A digital print series with images sourced and archived from
    various glossy magazine images available at the time. The works
    are composed as a prophetic pop culture tarot pack.

    Submitted in partial fulfillment of an Honours BA degree in Fine Art.
    Exhibited at the Bell-Roberts Gallery, Cape Town.