Natasha Norman (b 1982) is an artist, educator, writer and surfer who delights in abstract mark making and viewer imagination.

My arts practice is based on balancing image making with viewer imagination by exploring how a collection of marks on paper can evoke something greater than a representation. I draw on my own sensory memories, art historical knowledge and the haptic quality of materials to evoke experiences and emotion. I engage the relationship between the materials I use as an artist and my experiences of the sea. I aim to interrogate how my actions as an artist can resonate with larger natural forces such as the weather.

Throughout my art training and career I have consistently been inspired by the medium and challenges of technologies of print. I trained in traditional Western print methods at the University of Cape Town and subsequently attended residencies in Japan to study the Japanese relief print method called Mokuhanga. My current work is very inspired by this watercolour print process, which has lead to an extended investigation of the watercolour medium.

I completed my Honours (2005) and Masters (2011) degree in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. I am a part-time lecturer, arts writer and practicing artist, having lectured at various institutions and universities in South Africa and published as an independent writer in various journals and South African magazines.

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My most recent project has been the creation of a South Africa society of artists interested in Japanese print techniques called Mokuhanga Kai, a South African centre for Mokuhanga practice as endorsed by the Japanese Consulate of Cape Town. Together with artist, Oliver Hambsch we hope to foster a love and extended practice of this technique that has a much smaller environmental impact than most traditional Western printing techniques.