Natasha Norman (b. 1982) is an artist.

My work is informed by the medium and technologies of printmedia. I am interested in proposals about perception. My practice consistently aims to challenge conventions of viewing the two dimensional image. I often work against (or deeply within) the hallowed conventions of perspective, figuration and content: forcing a viewer to engage physically and/or imaginatively when viewing my works. Contemporary visual technology has enabled us to ‘see’ things beyond traditional vision. My works respond to this reality and consistently question how art can challenge perceptions of viewing and understanding form as a way of remarking upon realities mediated by data, screens and GIS systems.


My new works explore an horizon-less landscape of marks. They are inspired by aerial views of natural phenomena, mining activity and farming.


I use traditional print techniques to grapple with the language of contemporary images. I am predominantly a relief print artist specializing in woodcut print. I was trained in traditional Western relief and intaglio methods at the University of Cape Town (MFA 2011). In 2014 I attended a residency in Japan where I was introduced to the Japanese relief print method called Mokuhanga. I constantly grapple with the communicative potential of materials used in the processes of print making – from the simple woodblock print to the digital inkjet, industrial lithographic press or watercolour monotype.

I have lectured at various institutions and universities in South Africa and published as an independent writer. For a full list of exhibitions and published texts please see my CV. For a more poetic reading of my artistic practice please see William’s Letter.