Exhibiting in Tokyo

Please visit the CfSHE Gallery and MILab Residency for more information.

Bulungula fieldtrip and report back

Fieldtrip to the Eastern Cape to research report back on 2014 McNulty Prize awarded to the Bulungula Incubator Project. Video produced by African Heart Beat Films, script by Natasha Norman.

Click on image below to be directed to the video.

Curated exhibition and lecture: Death Speaks

Mokuhanga Residency, Japan

Residency portrait

Thank you to Hayato Fujioka for his photographic skills.

A life changing residency in Japan chronicled through a daily blog. Click the link here: BLOG Mokuhanga, Japan to read and see.

Solvitur Ambulando


3rd Year Rhodes University Students who participated in City Spaces, a two week module taught by Natasha Norman as part of the Visual and Art History curriculum in March 2013.

Please down load the full text as a pdf here: derive_booklet.pdf