An exploration of transience, process, and surface

Please join us at 18h30 on Wednesday the 23rd of May 2018 for the opening night of the group exhibition, “Endless”. You are invited to celebrate our latest collection and the talented exhibiting artists in the company of like-minded people. Come to appreciate some very special artworks, enjoy a refreshment or two and taste some of the city’s most beautiful canapés.

Opening Address by: Hannah Jessica Claassens.
Venue: Salon Ninety One. 91 Kloof Street. Gardens. Cape Town.

Featured Artists: Amber Moir. Gabrielle Raaff. Georgina Berens. Natasha Norman.

Medium: Print. Painting.

Amber Moir, Natasha Norman and Gabrielle Raaff have each visited Japan, while Georgina Berens spent some time in Finland. Quite clearly their experiences in these places have left an indelible mark on all of their practices.

While Japan and Finland are worlds apart, there is some commonality. In many ways, the two represent respectively the eastern- and northernmost reaches of human settlement. In these extremes, as much by necessity as by practice, human culture is closely bound by and deeply immersed in the elements and seasons, in their states and cycles.

Amongst all four of these artists is insistence on the transitory over the permanent, and on process over result. And there is a shared concern with surface, even where imagery comes to the fore, in all of their work. Importantly, there is also something intangible, elusive, something that resists a definitive conclusion in all of the results. This, I would contend, represents in part each artist’s response to the above-mentioned environments.”

[Excerpt from an introductory essay written by Paul Edmunds, May 2018]
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