I have some exciting new abstract works on exhibition at Gallery 2 in Parkwood, Johannesburg until the end of March. The show is curated by Derek Zietsman and features some fabulously talented artists whom I am honoured to be exhibiting with.

The show explores the contemporary abstract in the work of selected South African artists. Derek Zietsman says of the selection:

SEE ART: Contemporary Abstract explores how selected artists approach the question, is abstract art still radical, still relevant? When Kazimir Malevich, exhibited his first Black Square in late 1915, it was regarded as enigmatic, a work that demarcated the ‘new’ art from the ‘old’ art. Some current commentators speculate that it sometimes feels as if this ‘radical’ energy has dissipated.

SEE ART: Contemporary Abstract is an exhibition that reminds us of the capacity of abstraction to visualise the unknown, to explore contemporary art-making processes that are free from tradition, which invents a new visual narrative for a post-modern, technological world.