The Printer’s Painting Exhibition Opening

The Printer’s Painting exhibition explores the spontaneous possibilities that the monotype print presents.
Exhibiting artists include Doris Bloom, Fleur De Bondt, Natasha Norman, Judy Woodborne, Sizwe Khoza, Michelle Rolestone.

Monoprints are one-of-a-kind, printed image. They have been called “the painterly print” or the “printer’s painting”. Indeed making a monoprint brings together ideas from both practices, as well as concerns from drawing. Monoprints are also sometimes called monotypes. The two words are often used interchangeably, with monoprint being the more common and generic of the two. A useful distinction, favoured by many, is that a monoprint employs some form of repeatable matrix used in the development of the image, whereas a monotype is not dependent on the ability to repeat information. The term “monotype’ is used specifically for works without repeatable matrices.

Monotypes are probably the more familiar form. Working on an unarticulated plate, the artist develops an image much like a painting or drawing. When it is complete, the image is printed onto paper or another support. Because the marks made to create the image are not physically established in a printing matrix, it is possible to print only one copy of the image. Ghost impressions are sometimes taken of the ink remaining after the original print has been taken, but the quality of the image is significantly different so as to constitute another monotype altogether. It is common to “work into the ghost”, that is using the ink residue as a guide. (Printmaking, Beth Grabowski & Bill Fick, 2009)

The monotype allows for additive, reductive or different print mark making that is not possible in painting or drawing and is therefore a very unique way to create an image.

Come an enjoy the various versions of this special technique during our “Printer’s Painting Exhibition, in Cape Town, opening on the 16th of May, 6-9pm at Artist Proof, 102 Castle Street, Cape Town.

Crumbling Contours Exhibition Opening

Please join us for the Exhibition Opening of Crumbling Contours on Tuesday, 14 May from 6-10PM.

Crumbling Contours is a mixed-media exhibition, featuring work by talented artists Jan Tshikhutula, Natasha Norman, Ronel Jordaan, Kellie Hames, Landi Raubenheimer and Meraki Jewellery Design.

The much-anticipated exhibition portrays the struggle to obtain freedom from the all-consuming city life. Through a variety of genres and mediums – including printmaking, watercolour and jewellery – the artists address the harsh, rigid urban reality and explore living and breathing through nature and creativity.

Crumbling Contours opens 14 May 2019 at 6PM and runs until 15 June 2019 at the CraftGraft co-working space, 2 Gordon Street, Gardens, Cape Town. For inquiries, please contact Jeanne-Maré du Bois at:

The Distance From Afar

SALON NINETY ONE in association with Glen Carlou is proud to present The distance from afar.
Opening: Sunday, 28 April 2019, from 11AM to 1PM
Venue: Gallery @ Glen Carlou

Exhibiting Artists: Cathy Layzell, Gabrielle Raaff, Heidi Fourie, Kirsten Beets, Mareli Esterhuizen, Natasha Norman, Nicole Fraser, Paul Senyol, and Zarah Cassim.

For RSVP and enquiries, please contact Amanda at or 021 875 5528.

Mokuhanga Kai | Free Membership

Now that our Mokuhanga society has been officially launched at Japan Day 2019, we would like to invite members to join our database and enjoy free access to information about our upcoming workshops, as well as news, inspiration and events that explore Japanese culture.

Members will also benefit from access to local and international producers of papers and materials needed to practise Mokuhanga.

Please sign up here.

Mokuhanga Kai is registered with the Japanese Consulate in Cape Town as their official Mokuhanga society.

Japan Day

Oliver Hambsch and I will be launching Mokuhanga Kai at Japan Day this year. We will be hosting two Mokuhanga print parties during the day and showcasing original Mokuhanga prints. Please come by and make your own Mokuhanga print!

Japan Day 2019 – Rugby Edition takes place on Saturday 16th March 2019 at Oude Libertas Slow Market. A very special Rugby themed Japan Day to get you into to spirit of Rugby World Cup fever in Japan.
This year we are hosting our 7th annual Japan Day in Cape Town, with an even bigger showcase of various exciting, exotic, informative and fun aspects of Japan and Japanese culture. The performances on the day will include martial arts demonstrations, Aikido, Karate, Judo, Kenjutsu (Japanese sword demonstration), Kyudo (Archery), Shakuhachi (flute), Koto (Japanese Harp) a Cosplay Competition, Gaming Hub, Kids Zone, Tea Ceremony Experience, Japanese food village and cooking demonstration. The exhibitions will include Bonsai, Bonsan (miniature moss garden) Koi fish as well as Ikebana and Mokuhanga (Japanese woodblock print). The audience will also have a chance to participate and try Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement), Shodo (calligraphy), Origami by Origami for Africa, Butterfly Art, Go (Japanese chess), trying on Yukata and many more. Special additions for this year, Rugby Experience, Japan Travel &Tourism Information and a Japanese Business Pavilion. There’ll be something for everyone in the family, young and old, covering an array of interests. The festival is a free event, which will take place at the Oude Libertas Slow Market, therefore you will get the usual Saturday market experience plus an opportunity for Japanese cultural indulgence and a taste of Japan before the Rugby World Cup.